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Providing Oral Healthcare to Underserved Communities

person smiling during oral examDid you know that, according to a report from the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, people living in regional areas of Australia have poorer oral health than those living in major cities? Statistically, people in regional areas are more likely to smoke and drink, have reduced access to fluoridated drinking water, and face increased costs of healthy food choices and oral hygiene products.

Our Commitment

At Delroy Park Dental Care we have an unwavering commitment to the oral healthcare of those living in rural and regional communities. Our ethos is that everyone should have access to quality affordable dental care that allows them to enjoy a healthy smile.

Find Out More

Check out our Patient Education Centre and our blogs for the latest updates on oral healthcare. You can also contact the practice to discuss oral health concerns and find out how patients can access affordable oral healthcare. CONTACT US ┬╗

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